The History of the Lone Pine Mountain Devil

Have you ever littered somewhere in a national forest?

Well, you shouldn’t. And you’ll think twice before doing it once you realize a devil is waiting for it to happen – so it can attack.

The Lone Pine Mountain Devil, a fierce creature that may come from the depths of hell (or worse, the internet), is roaming around the California forests, looking for its next victim.

Should you fear this mountain creature? Or should you continue throwing bottles on the ground? Read down below to find out.

What is the Lone Pine Mountain Devil?

Imagine a reptile big enough to terrify you the second you look at it. Now, picture it with wings big enough to crowd an NBA player.

That’s the Lone Pine Mountain Devil, a creature so dangerous most people who encounter it won’t live to tell the story.

If you’re having trouble imagining such a thing, take the easy route: it’s a twenty-first-century dinosaur, a winged velociraptor of sorts.

Before you think malice is the main attribute of this so-called devil, think again. Most tales put this creature as a guard of sorts, attacking only those who dare to disrespect nature.

Tales of a peacekeeping creature

There’s only one thing most people agree on when it comes to the Lone Pine Mountain Devil – the fact that it will only attack those who disturb the peace.

Forests are a calm place, and those who do not respect that quiet environment are certainly not welcome. That’s something this creature will make you violently understand.

Every single eye-witness claims the Lone Pine Mountain Devil attacks soon after people became violent or unruly towards animals that live in the forest or the forest itself.

After something like that happens, a carnage ensues – and the Mountain Devil will feast later on.

The diet of the Lone Pine Mountain Devil

So, what does the peacekeeping mountain devil eat? Well, it’s a rather weird diet. Let’s put it this way: this dinosaur-like devil likes to share.

That’s right! When this beast attacks, he kills – there’s no doubt about that. He doesn’t play around, but he does like to leave most of his kill untouched.

This creature will only eat the soft tissue of its victims, and everything else is up for grabs. That means he both protects the forests he roams in and also helps feed its neighbors.


The terrifying recount of a priest

Only one man witnessed the vicious attack of the Lone Pine Mountain Devil and lived to tell it.

The attack happened back in the late 1800s. A caravan of Spanish settlers made its way through Southern California – and then completely vanished.

Nobody knew what happened, and the mystery lingered on for quite some time.

Two months later, a priest approached a San Diego mission, unable to speak a word. The men living there soon realized what happened when the priest gave them his diary.

First, they realized the priest had taken a vow of silence after witnessing the terrifying acts of beasts that couldn’t be anything other but damned. Second, they read what had happened: almost 40 settlers were attacked and violently killed by beasts that came from the mountains.

Why did the attack happen? According to the priest’s diary, the Spanish settlers held a feast that quickly turned into an orgy and eventually a tree-burning fest.

You can probably tell Mountain Devils are not the kind of creatures that tolerate such a thing.

Is the Lone Pine Mountain Devil real?

The only consensus on the Lone Pine Mountain Devil issue (if there is one, really) is that it’s probably not real.

More likely than not, this devil spawned right from the depths of the internet – and lives not in forests but the imagination of people. For example, there are no physical copies of the priest’s diary; you can only find bits and pieces of it online.

While it would be great if the Mountain Devil roamed around the forests attacking those who don’t throw plastic bottles in the recycle bin, you shouldn’t count on it.

Then again, maybe you should. Just in case, don’t go around throwing garbage on the floor and try to recycle more often.

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