The History of The Succubus

Have you ever wondered what the woman of your dreams looks like? Well, you might want to stop wondering, just in case.

A Succubus could be lurking around, waiting for you to fall asleep or be vulnerable enough for her to attack – and then all hell breaks loose.

Yes, a Succubus looks like a woman – but she means more trouble than you ever dreamt of.

What is a Succubus?

A Succubus is a demon that roams around the Earth looking for men to have sex with. Sometimes, instead of having physical sex with a man, the demon will appear in her victim’s dreams – and seduce him there.

This may sound like a plot of a low-budget horror film, but tales of Succubi have been around for thousands of years. New encounters continue to happen in this day and age.

For example, a man named Ethan claims to have survived a similar encounter in 2012 – and even his dogs felt the terrifying presence. He was face to face with a Succubus and luckily lived to tell the tale.

And while rather lustful individuals will think of this as a great opportunity, we invite our readers to take breathe before they Google how to invoke a Succubus of their own – because having sex one with often leads to illness and death.

Plus, you want to know what one looks like before you pull the trigger, lest you get paranormally catfished.

What does a Succubus look like?

A Succubus looks like your dream woman – and that’s not hyperbole: the average Succubus will transform to look like a beautiful, gorgeous woman, one that most men dream about.

It’s important to understand a Succubus is an immortal demon who roams around the Earth looking for male victims to have sex with.

So, it’s not difficult to comprehend why these kinds of creatures would look like they do.

Sure, a Succubus looks really hot – but do you know what a Succubus feels like? Folklore stories often describe a relationship with one as entering a cavern of ice.

They look hot but feel cold – or do they?

What does a Succubus really look like?

The average Succubus doesn’t look like your average Instagram model. As you know, they might present themselves as a beautiful woman, but that’s nothing but a façade.

If a Succubus doesn’t look like a Hollywood actress, what does she really look like? Well, at face value, a Succubus is a demon – and it’s not hard to figure out what they look like once you realize that.

Simply put, a Succubus looks like a demon: a disfigured, weird-looking demon with claws on her hands and dark wings on her back.

Then again, different legends put these demons in different bodies. Some people believe they are beautiful; others, that they are wretched creatures.

Perhaps, some of them look better than others. Or, perhaps, tales of an ugly Succubus are nothing but rumors that come from the Incubus, the jealous male counterpart of these demons.

Incubus, the male Succubus

Not all lusty demons who hunt down people to have sex with are female, though. That’s just an ugly stereotype.

Succubi have a male counterpart called Incubus. Unlike the female demons, the male ones have a little bit of a more perverted nature.

Why is that? Well, more often than not, a Succubus will attract her victim before having sex. The Incubus will simply wait for a woman to go to sleep. That’s not very nice.

Tales of the Incubus go as far as 2,400 B.C. Weirdly enough, the first Incubus was called Lilu and his female counterpart, Lilitu. These names are rather similar to the first Succubus of the Jewish tradition called Lilith.

The folklore behind Succubus stories

If you’re the kind of guy that thinks of religious tales, folklore, and ancient myths as fountains of wisdom, you’re going to find more than your fair share of information about Succubus here.

The story of the Succubus is of Jewish origin. According to rabbinical Judaism, there was a woman before Eve called Lilith.

This woman left Adam and refused to return to the Garden of Eden after having sex with an archangel named Samael – in total, four women mated with him (one of them being Lilith). All four became Succubi, like the fantastic four of female demons.

Mentions of a Succubus or a Succubus-like creature are found in pre-Islamic Arabian and African myths as well.

These traditions explain that the Succubus isn’t an actual physical being but a spirit that roams around the dreams of her victims.

The results are often the same: a cursed man that needs to undergo a ritual to remove the demonic presence from his life and dreams.

There are other more rational explanations behind this phenomenon, though.

The scientific explanation behind Succubi

While Succubus stories have a basis on religion, studies have shown a relationship between these encounters and mental health issues.

For example, scientists have linked Succubus stories with mental health patients suffering from schizophrenia. More often than not, there’s a pattern behind these so-called encounters: sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and a few other symptoms.

Does that mean there’s no such thing as a Succubus? It’s hard to tell.

The scientific community isn’t too reliable when it comes to paranormal scenarios – because of a skeptical mindset.

There’s a somewhat weird parallel between Succubus stories and alien abduction anecdotes. From a scientific point of view, they often show a certain degree of correlation.

But there’s also an even more down-to-earth, reasonable, all-too-human explanation other than what science has to offer: lies.

The somewhat reasonable explanation behind Succubi

Strip the Succubus stories from any folklore and stay away from scientific studies. What you have left is a story about a man having sex with a woman – that nobody knows other than the man.

Now, sure, lying about having sex with she-demons is a little over the top, but sometimes there’s no escape.

Let’s put it this way: you’re having an adult kind of dream one night, and your wife can hear all about it. Do you tell the truth, or do you give it a paranormal twist and hope for the best?

You’ll try to say it wasn’t a dream with Jeanne from accounting – it was a demon! And believe it or not, several Succubus stories ended up being just that.

Don’t let that fool you, though. People lying about something doesn’t make that entire thing false.

Sure, a couple of men have lied – but there is over 1500 years’ worth of Succubus stories, and they can’t all be fake, can they?

What happens if you have sex with a Succubus?

Let’s say Succubi are indeed real, and you have a shot with a hot demon from another dimension. You’re not that desperate to indulge in what can only be described as a terrible decision, are you?

Well, if you’re up to the task, you should know the known Succubus sex side effects. And you better believe they are not pleasant.

One of the main features of a Succubus is being able to steal your life force away from you. This ability is better known as the Kiss of Death.

In fact, many believe the Succubi will hunt down for humans to restore their energy – or, better said, steal the life out of their unlucky victims.

Other than that, having sex with a Succubus will leave a sort of curse over you. Most religious stories show the victim having poor physical and mental health as an end result, sometimes followed by death.

Can a Succubus have children?

There’s a debate on whether a Succubus can have children or not. Several stories have a half-man half-demon child as a protagonist, a byproduct of a man having sex with a Succubus – but that’s not enough proof.

Unfortunately for everyone involved but this seductress, both the man and his paranormal child will not have a good life.

As you now know, the man will end up having poor health and may find an early death.

On the other hand, the child will be susceptible to supernatural influences and, more often than not, have deformities.

Then again, the reproductive cycle of a Succubus is a disputed subject.

Some experts claim such a thing is not possible; others believe there’s a more complicated way of doing it: it involves the Devil, a dead man, and a weird take on artificial insemination.

All in all, this is a tricky question with no clear answer.

Are Succubi real?

You’re probably thinking, ‘why should I pay Tinder 10-or-so dollars if I can just bewitch my way into having a good time?’

Well, at the end of the night, you might end up with nothing but a handful of… nothing.

Even though the Succubus phenomenon is somewhat well-documented, with more than a millennium worth of history, nobody knows for sure if they exist or not.

As we have explained, most Succubus-related encounters could have been nothing but hallucinations – or a quick tale told to escape some wifely pressure.

And if they were real, you want nothing to do with something like that.

It’s nothing but short-term pleasure and long-term issues. Sure, that may sound like a Tinder date – but this one has supernatural implications.

You’re safer at the bar – as long as you don’t drink and drive!

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