About Us

There’s something in the woods

There’s something in the skies

There’s something in the jungle

There’s Children with Black Eyes…

Welcome to the Monster Fuzz Podcast, a place where you and yours can listen to weird and wonderful stories on all things paranormal, cryptozoological and just downright strange. Join Rob and Eamonn, a pair of Irish idiots, as they uncover Bigfoot, Ghosts, El Chupacabra, Haunted Places, Giant Spiders, Black Dogs, Aliens any other eerie encounter you can imagine. But it’s not all blood and guts and spooky cuts. These IQ deprived hosts can’t go longer than 5 minutes without making a joke or referencing a silly piece of pop culture. We talk games, movies, music, books, TV all wrapped up in humour, strangeness and a barrage of juvenile jokes. 

So what are you waiting for ye messers? Have a listen and join our growing community of eerie eccentrics and fabulous freaks. Sure you’ll only love it! 

The Snail, his name is Davey

There’s Pubes, first name Tommy

Sebastian and the Trout of Truth

Don’t forget Sentient Mickey…