The Dover Demon Sightings


The Dover Demon is described as a small humanoid that was initially discovered in the town of Dover, Massachusetts. The Dover Demon sightings created a fervor during the 1970’s after multiple eyewitnesses came forward with their accounts. It is a creature reportedly seen in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, on April 21 and April 22, 1977. They said that it has an extraordinarily large head on a small, stick-like body. This alien gave the small town of Dover a unique claim to fame. It places the town in the paranormal history books for ever.

The Dover Demon sightings
Witness sketch

Eyewitness Accounts

The First Encounter

The Dover Demon sightings began when Bill Bartlett, together with his two friends, stumbled across it one fateful night. It was in April 1977 when the three teenagers were cruising down Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts, at around 10 p.m when things took a turn.

Whilst driving around a long and winding road surrounded by woods and fields, Bill noticed a creature that captured his attention. The other two boys were deeply submerged in their stories and didn’t notice. As Bill raced past the demon, he could see it clutching on to the stone wall with its long fingers.

The 17-year-old Bill described it as a bizarre four-foot creature with orange glowing eyes, long arms and legs, and a melon-shaped head the size of its tiny body. He claimed that he noticed a strange creature moving on the loose stones of the wall to the left side of the road. When the animal turned its head and gazed at the car’s headlights, Bill stated that it was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life.

As they drove close to it, the headlights made it freeze up like a startled deer. It had glowing orange eyes with no facial features at all with peach color skin that looked rough. Bartlett dropped off his friends and went home to sketch the large-eyed animal he had witnessed.

The Second Encounter

Later that evening, after Bill’s encounter with the monster, John Baxter, 15, discovered the Demon. It was around 12.30 a.m. when John left his girlfriend’s house to go back home. As he walked through a heavily wooded area close to an intersection of Farm St. and Miller Hill Road, he bumped into a creature along a brook it was 150 feet away and walking towards him. John confused the strange animal with M.G. Bouchard, a young boy who had a crooked head due to a childhood condition. Yikes.

He saw that this character had an extraordinarily large head and thought it might be Bouchard. As he went closer, he tried calling the young boy’s name, but no one replied. Once he got near, he realized that it couldn’t be Bouchard; the creature was much smaller. His courageous self was shaken when he stopped, and it also stopped. Staring at each other. He called out, asking who the person was, all in vain. John tried to move a few steps forward to have a good look at it, but it hastily ran into the forest.

However, this did not stop him; he continued to pursue it. He had to quench his curiosity. At a distance, he could hear some noise of the Dover Demon making its way through the thicket. John had to collect and gather his courage to follow behind it. He wanted to ensure that he discovered what it was. While at the embankment, he now had a clear view of the outline of the creature’s body.

His description..

According to him, it resembled a monkey. He could feel its stare on him, and that made him uncomfortable. They looked directly at each for a few more minutes. John shook; he began having weird feelings that the creature was about to spring towards him. He then made the decision to make a run for it. John left the bank and ran towards Farm St. where he took a ride home.

After arriving at his home, he took a pen and a paper and drew the figure of the alien he had just witnessed. The drawing was similar to that of Bill Bartlett. The features looked the same. Exactly what was described by Bill, yet he had not seen his sketch.

The Third Encounter

At around 12 a.m. Dover experienced another sighting of this rare being. Will Taintor, 18, was driving home with her girlfriend Abby Brabham, 15. As they were passing through Springdale Ave, Abby noticed something peculiar sitting upright on the left side of the road, right at the bridge’s edge. She claimed that it looked like an ape.

Its head was really huge and weird, with a skinny body that looked out of this world. Abby noted that its green eyes glowed when torched with the car’s headlights as it stared at her. Its body was hairless with a watermelon-shaped head. Her boyfriend, Taintor, had a look at it briefly while it was crouching on the road.

The aftermath of the Dover Demon sightings

After realizing that different people saw the same creature he witnessed, Bill made copies of his drawing and commenced to hand them out. He intended to find more witnesses to confirm his story with their own encounters. Over the next few months, several local media houses ran stories regarding the sightings.

According to the sketches, the Dover Demon seemed bipedal. Has two modes of locomotion. If not moving on all fours, it switches back and forth. The creature’s eyes glow in two different colors, according to the witnesses. Sometimes orange, sometimes green.

In short, we’ll never know just what happened in Dover during those fateful encounters. Bill Bartlett is now a fine art Painter and has since distanced himself from the Legend. Not much information can be found out about the others.

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