Black Eyed Children: Behind the Urban Legend

What are they?

Black Eyed Children are a relatively recent fringe of the paranormal. They look like regular kids (ranging in age from about 6 to 16) aside from their completely black eyes. They seem to appear out of nowhere and generally approach in groups of two or more asking for a lift somewhere, or if they can come inside a property to wait for their parents. Paranormal researchers have surmised that they might be aliens, vampires, ghosts or even demonic entities.

To depict a Black Eyed Child
A Black Eyed Child

Early reports

In the summer of 1982, a woman was walking near Cannock Chase in Birches Valley, England. The woman has never revealed her name to the press but reported hearing a desperate plea that sounded like a female child calling for help to police. The woman ran in the direction of the noise but was unable to find the infant. Upon turning around she saw a young girl covering her eyes with her hands. 

Worried for the child’s safety, she asked if the girl was in trouble. The child did not reply, instead lowering her hands and revealing her eyes. They were fully black, with no hint of a white iris. A surge of dread descended on the woman, who took off running. When she looked back the girl had disappeared. According to police records there was a full search in the area but the child was never found. This is the first recorded evidence of a Black Eyed Child. 

Brian Bethal’s sighting of the Black Eyed Children

Most websites and articles suggest that it was Brian Bethal’s sighting in the 1990’s that launched the popularity of the phenomenon. He was sitting in his car writing a check to his internet service provider when someone began knocking on his car window.

Outside two children wearing hoodies were staring at him blankly. Bethel described feeling an unexplainable jolt of fear run straight through his whole body. While they looked like ordinarily kids, a sense of dread fell over him. He rolled down the car window, but just enough to talk with the kids and figure out what they wanted from him.

The oldest one was first to speak and asked if they could have a ride home. The child said that they were going to the cinema but had forgotten their money. They needed a ride home so they could make it back to the theater in time to watch the movie. In the distance Bethel could see the marquee at the theater. He asked the boys what movie they were going to watch. They replied that they were going to watch Mortal Kombat.Looking back to the marquee Bethel saw that Mortal Kombat had started playing almost an hour ago.

Bethel noticed that the boys were talking and acting like people who were much older than they appeared to be. 

“Just let us in and we’ll be gone before you know it” one of the boys said, “we’re just going to our mother’s house!” 

Every word coming from the boys mouth sent a shiver down Bethel’s spine. Trying to make out the boys faces Bethel noticed their pitch black eyes.

Bethel was completely terrified. One of the boys continued to talk: 

“Oh come on mister, we won’t hurt you….you have to let us in! We don’t have a gun!” 

Time to dip

The more the boy spoke the more it convinced Bethel to get away from them quickly. Before the boy could say anymore Bethel threw the car into reverse and sped off while still being watched by the boys. he took one last glance at the boys, but they vanished before Bethel could even leave the parking lot. Bethel mentioned his encounter with the Black Eyed Children through a ghost related mailing list. To his surprise many others responded that they also had experienced similar eerie situations. In fact his story gained so much attention that he had to start a FAQ’s page to keep up with people asking him about the black eyed children and his encounter.

The elderly couple and the Black Eyed Children

Another early report of the Black Eyed Children comes from an elderly couple in a snowy town in Vermont. One evening the couple heard a knock on their door and upon opening it found two children asking if they could come in and wait for their parents to pick them up. While the children’s behavior was definitely odd the elderly couple decided to let them in due the weather outside. They were brought into the living room and the wife went to make them some hot cocoa while the husband stayed with the youngsters.

When the woman returned to the living room she noticed their cat was agitated and hissed at the children. She set the tray down but before she was to offer the children a cup they asked if they could use the restroom. It was at this point the woman finally saw the black, soulless eyes of the children. She pointed them to the bathroom  and quickly turned to her husband. His hands were shaking as he put them to his face.

“Did you see their eyes?!”

When he took his hands away she noticed that blood was pouring from his nose.

At that moment the lights went out leaving the couple in complete darkness. As dark as the children’s eyes. The wife opened the bathroom door to confront the children but they were already making their way down the hall. 

“Our parents are here.” 

Things were never the same..

They left the door open when they left the house. From the end of the driveway the woman noticed two men she described as tall and slender standing side by side. The four figures got into a car and drove away. Once out of view the lights in the house came back on. For weeks after strange things began to happen around the house: three of their four cats went missing and the remaining cat was found dead in a pool of its own blood. The husband’s nosebleeds refused to stop and when he visited a doctor was informed that he had an aggressive form of skin cancer. He died shortly afterwards.

Who were the children that entered that house in Vermont?

Who were those shadowy figures that drove them away?

For now we have no answers but one thing is for certain: if children with onyx eyes arrive on your doorstep DO NOT LET THEM IN.  

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