The Mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch

What do you get when you put an alien, a rich man, and a famous rapper all in the same place? A weird hotspot for UFO activity that nobody understands!

That’s what the Skinwalker Ranch is, a place that for over a century has scared people, scarred animals, and secretly hosted alien parties – or, at least, something similar to that.

Named after the Skinwalker, a shape-shifting humanoid who roams around the land seeking revenge, this ranch is doing nothing short of justice to its name.

People have paid thousands of dollars to own this property – and quickly realized their mistake, selling the ranch as soon as they can.

One thing is sure: this ranch is the one place where you don’t want to go during the holidays.

What is the Skinwalker Ranch?

The Skinwalker Ranch is a 500-acre property located in Utah. This property had several owners throughout the years – and they all agreed on one thing: strange events take place inside the ranch’s limits.

In little over a century, the ranch has had seven different owners. The first owner, Monk Shavanaugh, owned the property for less than ten years. The many humanoids that roamed around the area scared him into selling.

And there’s a reason why we talked about humanoids roaming around the area like it’s nothing – and that’s because, in the Skinwalker Ranch, paranormal events take place every day.

A crash course on this place’s history would include aliens, UFOs, humanoids, poltergeist activity, and other things that nobody can explain.

The land is spacious and a beautiful place to visit. Then again, the ranch is also more or less cursed. And also surrounded by armed guards, so there’s also that.

Why is it called the Skinwalker Ranch?

According to a Navajo legend, a skinwalker is a shape-shifting witch who can turn into an animal or transform into other people.

While having shape-shifting superpowers sounds great – their objective is far from okay: their sole purpose is to hunt down other people.

The ranch, also called the Sherman Ranch, is of skinwalker fame for one reason alone: several of their owners have witnessed humanoid figures roaming around the place, scouting for their next victim. Because having UFOs sightings isn’t enough, I guess.

Calling it the Skinwalker Ranch might seem counterproductive, though. This place is the go-to area for aliens who need to park their vehicles in Utah. On second thought, calling it UFO Ranch would be over the top.

Who owns the place?

The current owner of the Skinwalker Ranch is Brandon Fugal, who purchased the property back in 2016. Fugal, a rich businessman, bought the ranch to see if the legends were true. He spent $4.5 million to do so. I could’ve told him what he wanted to hear for one million alone.

Allegedly, Brandon Fugal bought the ranch as a skeptic. Having never seen a UFO, he thought the Utah hotspot would eventually have one for him to see – and he was right.

Six months after purchasing the ranch, Fugal saw a UFO floating around his property. He was not alone, as several scientists were there to witness it as well.

Unfortunately, Fugal has no evidence of that particular event. However he assures that plenty of other things happened in the ranch.

He has an ongoing reality TV show that tries to tell the many secrets of the ranch.

The show airs on the History Channel, right after the Hitler special and before the Nazi Germany documentary, so you know it’s legit.

Can I visit the Skinwalker Ranch?

Unfortunately, when Brandon Fugal bought the ranch, he brought along his team. That team is full of scientists as well as armed guards who surround the property, protecting it from both intruders and skinwalkers.

You might have a small chance to visit, though. Celebrities and rich people managed to visit the ranch to see what’s going on. If you’re a famous rapper or a millionaire, you’re good to go!

Otherwise, you might want to wait until the Skinwalker Ranch turns into the Skinwalker Park. Although that sounds awfully similar to Jurassic Park – and being chased by a cursed shape-shifting humanoid isn’t as fun as being chased by a dinosaur.

Where is the Skinwalker Ranch located?

The 500-acre ranch is located in Ballard, Utah. Driving there isn’t hard – but getting inside might be a little tough. As you know, the ranch is now heavily guarded and closed to anyone who would want to visit.

There’s something curious about the ranch. It isn’t exactly isolated from society. In fact, it’s close to the road. And yet, there are not too many incidents surrounding the ranch. Then again, 500 acres is a lot of land for things to happen anywhere but inside.

While a lot of things don’t tend to happen around the Skinwalker Ranch, inside its limits there’s a fair share of paranormal things happening.

The paranormal side of the Ranch

  • Cattle mutilation: Throughout history, the Skinwalker Ranch has been a terrible place for cattle and other farm animals. Often enough, the different owners of the ranch would take a walk around their property only to find their animals injured or dead.
  • Humanoid sightings: Several of the owners, including the first one, have reported seeing human-like figures roaming around the ranch. Shavanaugh, that same first owner, was so scared of these humanoids that he sold the property at a low price only to escape as far away and as fast as possible.
  • UFO activity: Of course, we can’t finish this article without talking about the very thing that attracts people to the Skinwalker Ranch. This property is no stranger to UFO activity, from orbs of light flying around to objects emitting a strong electromagnetic pulse and other weirdly-shaped vehicles roam around the ranch looking for things we don’t know about.
  • Famous Rappers: Post Malone, world-famous singer and songwriter, has visited the Skinwalker Ranch several times. He is interested in UFO tech and other things. Maybe he wants to purchase the ranch – or, perhaps, that isn’t Post Malone but a Skinwalker posing as him. We have no proof to back either theory.

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